Black Shopping Channel Legacy Wealth Package
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Who is Cleveland Gary?
Cleveland Gary is a man for all seasons. He’s a former NFL first round draft pick of the Los Angeles Rams who led the NFL in touchdowns (15) in 1990 while playing professional baseball for the Montreal Expos minor league organization. He’s an accomplished Radio/TV Talk Show host, author who has written two books. .

What is Gary Holdings?
He’s currently Chairman Of The Board of Gary Holdings, Inc. an Investment Company that owns and operates: AMG Capital Group, Black Shopping Channel (, Healthway Shopping Network ( and ECRID (

What is the Black Shopping Channel?
The Black Shopping Channel, is the nations first black owned TV Shopping Channel who aired on one of the nations largest TV Carriages, Dish Network in over 14.5 Million homes. BSC recently signed a Distribution Deal which consists of 80 million subscribers on Comcast/ Xfinity, Spectrum/Charter, Direct TV, Dish Network, AT&T Uverse and Verizon, Rocu and Amazon Fire TV. BSC is an advertising powerhouse for Small Businesses.

What is ECRID?
ECRID has created an innovative and disruptive credit bureau giving the public a second chance to establish a new creditworthy history, providing an automated bill payment portal that eliminates errors. ECRID Credit Report holders, start out with a 950 ECRID Credit Score based off of four or more creditors that each member has a positive credit history with. The individual can maintain a positive 950 credit score by paying their bills on time ie. electric, water, cable bills, etc. An ECRID positive credit score will qualify an individual to submit applications for loans to the ECRID Lending Division to obtain loans for a house, car, etc.

Why is Cleveland Offering this Legacy Wealth Building Package?
Cleveland has been highly blessed and wants to return his good fortune to underserved communities by helping them build intergenerational wealth through home and business ownership. Home and Business ownership are the two most common ways to build wealth in America. Cleveland has seen the many disparities in credit reporting, which leads to lower homeownership and refinance rates for underserved communities so he created ECRID to innovate and disrupt the credit industry. Business ownership is second only to business ownership in creating wealth in America. He created the Black Shopping Channel as the nations first black owned TV Shopping Channel providing Black-owned businesses with an advertising and eCommerce platform to promote and sell products to a global market.

Cleveland Gary/CEO